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28 March 2003 Parametric frequency converters with LiInSe2, AgGaGeS4, HgGa2S4 and Hg0.65Cd0.35Ga2S4 crystals
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Second harmonic generation of 9 μm emission band of CO2 laser is for the first time realized with a number of new nonlinear crystals: biaxial LiInSe2, AgGaGeS4 and uniaxial HgGa2S4, Cd0.35,Hg0.65Ga2S4. For LiInSe2 and AgGaGeS4 it is first type of frequency conversion realized some time or other. Main feature of this crystals is wide range transparency from 0.4-0.6 to 12.5-16.2 μm. Their damage thresholds for 30 ns TEA CO2 laser pulses at 9.55 μm is determined as 1.7 to 2.3 times higher than for popular middle IR crystals such as ZnGeP2 or AgGaSe2. Parmateters of second harmonic generation were determined correctly in comparison with ZnGeP2 crystals at 33 ns pump pulses and intensities that are about 28.5% of damage thresholds of ZnGeP2. As high as 7% external peak power power efficiencies is typical for orange and yellow phases of 3.1 mm HgGa2S4 crystal at such pump that is only 13% of its damage threshold. Efficiencies as high as 0.45% and 0.3% are realized in 2.1 mm AgGaGeS4 crystal at pump intensities that is only 11% of damage threshold. It was determined phase-matching angles, spectral dependence of second harmonic generation efficiencies, so as angular and spectral phase-matching widths that are investigated in details.
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Yuri M. Andreev, Pavel P. Geiko, Valery V. Badikov, Vladimir L. Panyutin, Galina S. Shevyrdayeva, Maxim V. Ivaschenko, Alexander I. Karapuzikov, and Igor V. Sherstov "Parametric frequency converters with LiInSe2, AgGaGeS4, HgGa2S4 and Hg0.65Cd0.35Ga2S4 crystals", Proc. SPIE 5027, Ninth Joint International Symposium on Atmospheric and Ocean Optics/Atmospheric Physics. Part II: Laser Sensing and Atmospheric Physics, (28 March 2003);

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