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1 August 2003 Imaging in turbid media by modified filtered back projection method using data from Monte Carlo simulation
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Noninvasive diagnosis in medicine has shown considerable attention in recent years. Several methods are already available for imaging the biological tissue like X-ray computerized tomography, magentic resonance imaging and ultrasound imaging et c. But each of these methods has its own disadvantages. Optical tomography which uses NIR light is one of the emerging methods in teh field of medical imaging because it is non-invasive in nature. The only problem that occurs in using light for imaging the tissue is that it is highly scattered inside tissue, so the propagation of light in tissue is not confined to straight lines as is the case with X-ray tomography. Therefore the need arises to understand the behaviour of propagation of light in tissue. There are several methods for light interaction with tissue. Monte Carlo method is one of these methods which is a simple technique for simulation of light through tissue. The only problem faced with Monte Carlo simulation is its high computational time. Once the data is obtained using Monte Carlo simulation, it need to be inverted to obtain the reconstruction of tissue image. There are standard methods of reconstruction like algebraic reconstruction method, filtered backprojection method etc. But these methods can not be used as such in the case when light is used as probing radiations because it is highly scattered inside the tissue. The standard filtered backprojection method has been modified so that the zigzag path of photons is taken into consideration while back projecting the data. This is achieved by dividing the tissue domain in a square grid and storing the average path traversed in each grid element. It has been observed that the reconstruction obtained using this modification is much better than the result in case of standard filtered backprojection method.
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Ashwani Aggarwal and Ram M. Vasu "Imaging in turbid media by modified filtered back projection method using data from Monte Carlo simulation", Proc. SPIE 5047, Smart Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring of Structural and Biological Systems II, (1 August 2003);

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