11 September 2003 Frequency domain analysis of the polarimetric ground-penetrating radar response of landmines and minelike targets
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This paper presents a study on using polarimetric ground penetrating radar (GPR) for the identification of plastic antipersonnel mines. In general, the polarimetric radar response of a surface-laid or buried object depends on the orientation of the object with respect to the transmitting and receiving antennas. Hence, in order to make identification possible, it is crucial to measure the full scattering matrix and transform the data into the target frame, in which the response is orientation independent. In this paper, we present an impulse ultrawideband ground penetrating radar with a polarimetric antenna system. Using this radar, the scattering matrices for a set of surface-laid targets with different shape and internal structure have been measured. The measurements were done for different target orientations. Transformation of the measured response into the target frame was achieved by matrix diagonalization in the frequency domain. The eigenvalues obtained by matrix diagonalization constitute a set of orientation invariant features and have been studied as possible target discriminators. In particular, we addressed the problem of classifying targets with respect to shape (rotationally symmetric versus elongated). The results suggest the possibility to distinguish between targets by looking at how the eigenvalues change as a function of frequency. Moreover, matrix diagonalization yielded an angle of orientation and the significance of this angle for small minelike targets and elongated targets is discussed. The analysis was repeated for scattering matrices acquired over buried targets and the results are compared against those obtained for the surface-laid objects.
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Paola Farinelli, Paola Farinelli, Friedrich Roth, Friedrich Roth, } "Frequency domain analysis of the polarimetric ground-penetrating radar response of landmines and minelike targets", Proc. SPIE 5089, Detection and Remediation Technologies for Mines and Minelike Targets VIII, (11 September 2003); doi: 10.1117/12.487250; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.487250

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