24 April 2003 Optical MEMS devices for telecom systems
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As telecom networks increase in complexity there is a need for systems capable of manage numerous optical signals. Many of the channel-manipulation functions can be done more effectively in the optical domain. MEMS devices are especially well suited for this functions since they can offer large number of degrees of freedom in a limited space, thus providing high levels of optical integration. We have designed, fabricated and tested optical MEMS devices at the core of Optical Cross Connects, WDM spectrum equalizers and Optical Add-Drop multiplexors based on different fabrication technologies such as polySi surface micromachining, single crystal SOI and combination of both. We show specific examples of these devices, discussing design trade-offs, fabrication requirements and optical performance in each case.
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Flavio Pardo, Flavio Pardo, Vladimir A. Aksyuk, Vladimir A. Aksyuk, Susanne Arney, Susanne Arney, H. Bair, H. Bair, Nagesh R. Basavanhally, Nagesh R. Basavanhally, David J. Bishop, David J. Bishop, Gregory R. Bogart, Gregory R. Bogart, Cristian A. Bolle, Cristian A. Bolle, J. E. Bower, J. E. Bower, Dustin Carr, Dustin Carr, H. B. Chan, H. B. Chan, Raymond A. Cirelli, Raymond A. Cirelli, E. Ferry, E. Ferry, Robert E. Frahm, Robert E. Frahm, Arman Gasparyan, Arman Gasparyan, John V. Gates, John V. Gates, C. Randy Giles, C. Randy Giles, L. Gomez, L. Gomez, Suresh Goyal, Suresh Goyal, Dennis S. Greywall, Dennis S. Greywall, Martin Haueis, Martin Haueis, R. C. Keller, R. C. Keller, Jungsang Kim, Jungsang Kim, Fred P. Klemens, Fred P. Klemens, Paul R. Kolodner, Paul R. Kolodner, Avi Kornblit, Avi Kornblit, T. Kroupenkine, T. Kroupenkine, Warren Y.-C. Lai, Warren Y.-C. Lai, Victor Lifton, Victor Lifton, Jian Liu, Jian Liu, Yee L. Low, Yee L. Low, William M. Mansfield, William M. Mansfield, Dan Marom, Dan Marom, John F. Miner, John F. Miner, David T. Neilson, David T. Neilson, Mark A. Paczkowski, Mark A. Paczkowski, C. S. Pai, C. S. Pai, A. G. Ramirez, A. G. Ramirez, David A. Ramsey, David A. Ramsey, S. Rogers, S. Rogers, Roland Ryf, Roland Ryf, Ronald E. Scotti, Ronald E. Scotti, Herbert R. Shea, Herbert R. Shea, M. E. Simon, M. E. Simon, H. T. Soh, H. T. Soh, Hong Tang, Hong Tang, J. A. Taylor, J. A. Taylor, K. Teffeau, K. Teffeau, Joseph Vuillemin, Joseph Vuillemin, J. Weld, J. Weld, } "Optical MEMS devices for telecom systems", Proc. SPIE 5116, Smart Sensors, Actuators, and MEMS, (24 April 2003); doi: 10.1117/12.499075; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.499075


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