30 September 2003 3- to 5 μm InGaAs/AlGaAs QWIP heterostructure growth by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
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InGaAs semiconductor heterostructures with multiple quantum wells for large-scale photodetectors on 3-5 spectral range were grown by low pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. Growth conditions were optimized to obtain highly uniform heterostructures which can be used for producing of photodetector arrays. Growth temperature was 750 °C, pressure - 60 torr. Test photodetectors showed detectivity D=5,65×109sm•Hz1/2•W-1 at the spectral sensitivity maximum wavelength 5.2 μm at measurement temperature 77 K. These results demonstrate potential possibility to use InGaAs/ AlGaAs heterostructures for manufacturing of large-scale photodetector arrays on 3-5μm spectral range. The ways of further photodetector parameters improvement are suggested.
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I. V. Budkin, I. V. Budkin, P. V. Bulaev, P. V. Bulaev, L. M. Vacilevskay, L. M. Vacilevskay, I. D. Zalevsky, I. D. Zalevsky, U. A. Kuznetsov, U. A. Kuznetsov, V. B. Kulikov, V. B. Kulikov, A. A. Marmalyuk, A. A. Marmalyuk, D. B. Nikitin, D. B. Nikitin, A. A. Padalitsa, A. A. Padalitsa, A. V. Petrovsky, A. V. Petrovsky, A. I. Khatountsev, A. I. Khatountsev, } "3- to 5 μm InGaAs/AlGaAs QWIP heterostructure growth by metal organic chemical vapor deposition", Proc. SPIE 5126, 17th International Conference on Photoelectronics and Night Vision Devices, (30 September 2003); doi: 10.1117/12.517314; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.517314

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