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30 January 2004 SNAP telescope: an update
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We present the baseline telescope design for the telescope for the SuperNova/Acceleration Probe (SNAP) space mission. SNAP’s purpose is to determine expansion history of the Universe by measuring the redshifts, magnitudes, and spectral classifications of thousands of supernovae with unprecedented accuracy. Discovering and measuring these supernovae demand both a wide optical field and a high sensitivity throughout the visible and near IR wavebands. We have adopted the annular-field three-mirror anastigmat (TMA) telescope configuration, whose classical aberrations (including chromatic) are zero. We show a preliminary optmechanical design that includes important features for stray light control and on-orbit adjustment and alignment of the optics. We briefly discuss stray light and tolerance issues, and present a preliminary wavefront error budget for the SNAP Telescope. We conclude by describing some of the design tasks being carried out during the current SNAP research and development phase.
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Michael L. Lampton, Michael J. Sholl, Michael H. Krim, R. Besuner, Carl W. Akerlof, Greg Aldering, R. Amanullah, Pierre Astier, Charles Baltay, E. Barrelet, Stephane Basa, Christopher Bebek, John Bercovitz, Lars Bergstrom, Gary Berstein, Manfred Bester, Ralph C. Bohlin, Alain Bonissent, Charles R. Bower, Myron Campbell, William C. Carithers Jr., Eugene D. Commins, C. Day, Susana E. Deustua, Richard S. DiGennaro, Anne Ealet, Richard S. Ellis, William Emmett, Mikael Eriksson, D. Fouchez, Andrew Fruchter, Jean-Francois Genat, Gerson Goldhaber, Ariel Goobar, Donald E. Groom, Henry D. Heetderks, Stephen E. Holland, Dragan Huterer, William E. Johnston, Richard W. Kadel, Armin Karcher, Alex G. Kim, William F. Kolbe, Robin E. Lafever, J. I. Lamoureux, Oliver LeFevre, Michael E. Levi, Daniel S. Levin, Eric V. Linder, Stewart C. Loken, Roger Malina, Alain Mazure, Timothy A. McKay, Shawn P. McKee, Ramon Miquel, Nicholas Morgan, E. Mortsell, Nick Mostek, Stuart Mufson, J. A. Musser, Peter E. Nugent, Hakeem M. Oluseyi, Reynald Pain, Nick P. Palaio, David H. Pankow, Saul Perlmutter, Eric Prieto, David Rabinowitz, Alexandre Refregier, Jason Rhodes, Natalie A. Roe, Michael S. Schubnell, G. Smadja, R. Smith, George F. Smoot, Jeffrey A. Snyder, Anthony Spadafora, Andrew Szymkowiak, Gregory Tarle, Keith Taylor, A. Tilquin, Andrew D. Tomasch, D. Vincent, Henrik von der Lippe, Jean-Pierre Walder, and Guobin Wang "SNAP telescope: an update", Proc. SPIE 5166, UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes: Innovative Technologies and Concepts, (30 January 2004);


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