29 January 2004 Soft x-ray transmission of optical blocking filters for x-ray CCD camera onboard Astro-E2
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We measured optical and soft X-ray transmission of Optical Blocking Filters (OBFs) for Charge Coupled Device (CCD) cameras, which will be launched as focal plane detectors of X-ray telescopes onboard the Japanese 5th X-ray astronomical satellite, Astro-E 2. The filters were made from polyimide coated with Al. The X-ray absorption fine structures (XAFSs) at the K edges of C, N, O and K and L edges of Al were measured. The depth of the absorption edge of O was deep, compared to the other elements of polyimide. This is evidence of the oxidation of Al. The optical transmission is roughly less than 10-6 except for a peak around the wave length of 550 nm. Long term change of the soft X-ray transmission was measured. No significant change of the thickness of the oxidation layer was found during half year.
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Shunji Kitamoto, Shunji Kitamoto, Takayoshi Kohmura, Takayoshi Kohmura, Norimasa Yamamoto, Norimasa Yamamoto, Haruko Takano, Haruko Takano, Harue Saito, Harue Saito, Kazuharu Suga, Kazuharu Suga, Hiroyuki Sekiguchi, Hiroyuki Sekiguchi, S. Chiba, S. Chiba, I. Okamoto, I. Okamoto, Kiyoshi Hayashida, Kiyoshi Hayashida, Haruyoshi Katayama, Haruyoshi Katayama, Toyonaka Enoguchi, Toyonaka Enoguchi, Yuusuke Nakashima, Yuusuke Nakashima, T. Shiroshouji, T. Shiroshouji, Yuzuru Tawara, Yuzuru Tawara, Akihiro Furuzawa, Akihiro Furuzawa, Takeshi Tanaka, Takeshi Tanaka, } "Soft x-ray transmission of optical blocking filters for x-ray CCD camera onboard Astro-E2", Proc. SPIE 5168, Optics for EUV, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Astronomy, (29 January 2004); doi: 10.1117/12.505589; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.505589


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