29 March 2004 Evaluation of the MOSFET-type enzyme biosensor
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As the population ages, the management of the health is one of the important problems. Development of the harmless medical machine based on MEMS technologies for human body will be the mainly research projects in the future. Before now, we developed the glucose sensor for using at Health Monitoring System (HMS) as one of the medical device based on micromechatronics. HMS is the device that monitors human health conditions continuously. For example, the monitoring target of HMS is the blood. The whole blood contains the manifold health index markers, and it is very important to measure them in the health care. Glucose sensor specifically detects the glucose of the blood, and it monitors the glucose concentration as blood sugar level. This glucose sensor had "separated Au electrode’ which immobilized GOx. By utilizing this style, it becomes possible that the sensor part is easily miniaturized. In our previous work, GOx was immobilized onto Au electrode by using of SAMs (Self-Assembled Monolayor) method, and the sensor using this working electrode detected the glucose concentration of glucose aqueous solution. Furthermore, the miniaturization of Au electrode was realized. In this report, glucose sensor which immobilized GOx using the cross-link method was produced, and the performance comparison with the sensor using SAMs method was carried out. And we carried out operation confirmation of produced glucose sensor using dilution human serum and whole blood. In addition, the cholesterol sensor which immobilized cholesterol oxidase (ChOx), which specifically detects the cholesterol on the blood, onto separated Au electrode by cross-link method was produced. The immobilization of the ChOx was evaluated from the spectra of XPS, and the performance as a sensor was evaluated.
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Katsutoshi Ooe, Katsutoshi Ooe, Yasutaro Hamamoto, Yasutaro Hamamoto, Toshifumi Kadokawa, Toshifumi Kadokawa, Tadashi Iuchi, Tadashi Iuchi, Yoshiaki Hirano, Yoshiaki Hirano, "Evaluation of the MOSFET-type enzyme biosensor", Proc. SPIE 5275, BioMEMS and Nanotechnology, (29 March 2004); doi: 10.1117/12.522815; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.522815

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