11 May 2004 11-W CW 100-μm fiber-coupled 971-nm Al-free active region pump source
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Laser diodes at 980 nm have important applications in medicine (surgery, dentistry) and Telecoms for WDM, high bit rate networks (Er or Er/Yb doped fibre amplifiers). These applications need a high coupling efficiency of the source into a fibre. High brightness mini-bars with an emissive length of 2.7 mm have been recently developed. These devices consist of an array of aluminium free active region index guided tapered laser diodes with standard AR/HR coatings. We have improved the performances as a result of a new epitaxial layer and a new mini-bar design. We measure an optical output power of 25W at 40A under CW operation at 15°C. At 25°C and 33A, we obtain 20W CW and the far field along the slow axis has a Gaussian shape, with a low FWHM value of 3.5°. Along the fast axis, the far-field also has a Gaussian shape and a FWHM of 31,5°. To couple this tapered diode laser mini-bar into a 100μm diameter fibre (0.26 numerical aperture), we use a patented collective beam shaping technique for optical coupling. We obtain a coupled power of 11.2W under CW operation at 971 nm, 21°C with an emitted power from the mini-bar of 21.7W, resulting in a coupling efficiency of 52%. The conductively cooled mini-bar, all the optics and the optical fibre connector are assembled into a 82x62x23mm package. To our knowledge this is the highest reported power coupled into 100μm optical fibre from a single laser diode chip using a collective coupling scheme without any array of micro-optics.
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Christian Larat, Christian Larat, Sophie-Charlotte Auzanneau, Sophie-Charlotte Auzanneau, Michel Calligaro, Michel Calligaro, Olivier Parillaud, Olivier Parillaud, Michel Krakowski, Michel Krakowski, Benoit Boulant, Benoit Boulant, Arnaud Laugustin, Arnaud Laugustin, Thierry Fillardet, Thierry Fillardet, } "11-W CW 100-μm fiber-coupled 971-nm Al-free active region pump source", Proc. SPIE 5365, Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers III, (11 May 2004); doi: 10.1117/12.529069; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.529069

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