14 May 2004 High-performance 193-nm photoresist materials based on ROMA polymers: sub-90-nm contact hole application with resist reflow
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There are numerous methods being explored by lithographers to achieve the patterning of sub-90nm contact hole features. Regarding optical impact on contact imaging, various optical extension techniques such as assist features, focus drilling, phase shift masks, and off-axis illumination are being employed to improve the aerial image. One possible option for improving of the process window in contact hole patterning is resist reflow. We have already reported the resist using a ring opened polymer of maleic anhydride unit(ROMA) during the past two years in this conference. It has several good properties such as UV transmittance, PED stability, solubility and storage stability. The resist using ROMA polymer as a matrix resin showed a good lithographic performance at C/H pattern and one of the best characteristics in a ROMA polymer is the property of thermal shrinkage. It has a specific glass transition temperature(Tg) each polymers, so they made a applying of resist reflow technique to print sub-90nm C/H possible. Recently, we have researched about advanced ROMA polymer(ROMA II), which is composed of cycloolefine derivatives with existing ROMA type polymer(ROMA I), for dry etch resistance increasing, high resolution, and good thermal shrinkage property. In this paper, we will present the structure, thermal shrinkage properties, Tg control, material properties for ROMA II polymer and will show characteristics, the lithographic performance for iso and dense C/H applications of the resist using ROMA II polymer. In addition, we will discuss resist reflow data gained at C/H profile of sub-90nm sizes, which has good process window.
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Hyun Sang Joo, Hyun Sang Joo, Dong Chul Seo, Dong Chul Seo, Chang Min Kim, Chang Min Kim, Young Taek Lim, Young Taek Lim, Seong Duk Cho, Seong Duk Cho, Jong Bum Lee, Jong Bum Lee, Ji Young Song, Ji Young Song, Kyoung Mun Kim, Kyoung Mun Kim, Joo Hyeon Park, Joo Hyeon Park, Jae Chang Jung, Jae Chang Jung, Ki Soo Shin, Ki Soo Shin, Cheol Kyu Bok, Cheol Kyu Bok, Seung Chan Moon, Seung Chan Moon, "High-performance 193-nm photoresist materials based on ROMA polymers: sub-90-nm contact hole application with resist reflow", Proc. SPIE 5376, Advances in Resist Technology and Processing XXI, (14 May 2004); doi: 10.1117/12.535117; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.535117

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