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1 September 2004 Compact tunable external cavity diode laser with diffraction-limited 1 W optical power, and its application in BEC and CRDS
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The combination of high power, small linewidth and rapid tuneability is essential for many fields in high resolution spectroscopy. Furthermore these optical features are essential for laser-cooling techniques. Enhancement of high power lasers with excellent spectral and spatial quality is currently an important research subject. The requirements for a laser system applied in both fields of application are demanding: a mode-hop free tuning range of a few GHz, with a linewidth in the order of 1MHz and an output power of a few 100mW. We report a very compact external cavity diode laser system (ECDL) with an output power of up to 800mW with an almost Gaussian shaped beam quality (M2<1.2). The coupling efficiency for a single mode fibre exceeds 60%. The centre wavelength can be preadjusted within the tuning range of 20 nm. This laser operates single mode with a mode-hop free tuning range of up to 15GHz without current compensation and a side-mode-suppression better than 50dB at different wavelength between 730 and 1060nm. To demonstrate the suitability for neutral atom cooling we used this laser as light source in the production of a BEC of over a million 87Rb atoms. In addition we approved this light source for high resolution spectroscopy, more precisely for the Cavity-Ring-Down-Spectroscopy (CRDS). Our ECDL was part of a MIR-light source which utilizes difference-frequency-generation in PPLN. At the wavelength of 3.3μm we were able to perform a high resolution absorption measurement of 50ppb Ethane. Both applications clearly demonstrate the suitability of this laser for high-precision measurements.
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Sandra Stry, Lars Hildebrandt, and Joachim Sacher "Compact tunable external cavity diode laser with diffraction-limited 1 W optical power, and its application in BEC and CRDS", Proc. SPIE 5452, Semiconductor Lasers and Laser Dynamics, (1 September 2004);


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