12 October 2004 An integral field spectrograph for SNAP
Anne Ealet; Eric Prieto; Alain Bonissent; Roger Malina; Gérard Smadja; A. Tilquin; Gary Bernstein; Stephane Basa; D. Fouchez; Olivier Le Fevre; Alain Mazure; Greg Aldering; R. Amanullah; Pierre Astier; E. Barrelet; Christopher J. Bebek; Lars Bergstrom; Manfred Bester; Roger Blandford; Ralph C. Bohlin; Charles R. Bower; Mark L. Brown; Myron Campbell; William C. Carithers; Eugene D. Commins; W. Craig; C. Day; F. DeJongh; Susana E. Deustua; H. T. Diehl; S. Dodelson; Richard S. Ellis; M. Emmet; Josh Frieman; Andrew Fruchter; D. Gerdes; L. Gladney; Gerson Goldhaber; Ariel Goobar; Donald E. Groom; Henry D. Heetderks; M. Hoff; Stephen E. Holland; M. Huffer; L. Hui; Dragan Huterer; B. Jain; Patrick N. Jelinsky; Armin Karcher; Steven M. Kent; Steven M. Kahn; Alex G. Kim; William F. Kolbe; B. Krieger; G. Kushner; N. Kuznetsova; Robin E. Lafever; J. I. Lamoureux; Michael L. Lampton; Michael E. Levi; P. Limon; Huan Lin; Eric V. Linder; Stewart C. Loken; W. Lorenzon; J. Marriner; P. Marshall; R. Massey; Timothy A. McKay; Shawn P. McKee; Ramon Miquel; Nicholas Morgan; E. Mörtsell; Nick Mostek; Stuart Mufson; J. A. Musser; Peter E. Nugent; Hakeem M. Oluseyi; Reynald Pain; Nick P. Palaio; David H. Pankow; John Peoples; Saul Perlmutter; David Rabinowitz; Alexandre Refregier; Jason Rhodes; Natalie A. Roe; D. Rusin; V. Scarpine; Michael S. Schubnell; Michael J. Sholl; Roger M. Smith; George F. Smoot; Jeffrey A. Snyder; Anthony Spadafora; A. Stebbins; Christopher Stoughton; Andrew Szymkowiak; Gregory Tarlé; Keith Taylor; Andrew D. Tomasch; Douglas Tucker; Henrik von der Lippe; D. Vincent; Jean-Pierre Walder; Guobin Wang; W. Wester;
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A well-adapted spectrograph concept has been developed for the SNAP (SuperNova/Acceleration Probe) experiment. The goal is to ensure proper identification of Type Iz supernovae and to standardize the magnitude of each candidate by determining explosion parameters. The spectrograph is also a key element for the calibration of the science mission. An instrument based on an integral field method with the powerful concept of imager slicing has been designed and is presented in this paper. The spectrograph concept is optimized to have high efficiency and low spectral resolution (R~100), constant through the wavelength range (0.35-1.7μm), adapted to the scientific goals of the mission.
© (2004) COPYRIGHT Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use only.
Anne Ealet, Eric Prieto, Alain Bonissent, Roger Malina, Gérard Smadja, A. Tilquin, Gary Bernstein, Stephane Basa, D. Fouchez, Olivier Le Fevre, Alain Mazure, Greg Aldering, R. Amanullah, Pierre Astier, E. Barrelet, Christopher J. Bebek, Lars Bergstrom, Manfred Bester, Roger Blandford, Ralph C. Bohlin, Charles R. Bower, Mark L. Brown, Myron Campbell, William C. Carithers, Eugene D. Commins, W. Craig, C. Day, F. DeJongh, Susana E. Deustua, H. T. Diehl, S. Dodelson, Richard S. Ellis, M. Emmet, Josh Frieman, Andrew Fruchter, D. Gerdes, L. Gladney, Gerson Goldhaber, Ariel Goobar, Donald E. Groom, Henry D. Heetderks, M. Hoff, Stephen E. Holland, M. Huffer, L. Hui, Dragan Huterer, B. Jain, Patrick N. Jelinsky, Armin Karcher, Steven M. Kent, Steven M. Kahn, Alex G. Kim, William F. Kolbe, B. Krieger, G. Kushner, N. Kuznetsova, Robin E. Lafever, J. I. Lamoureux, Michael L. Lampton, Michael E. Levi, P. Limon, Huan Lin, Eric V. Linder, Stewart C. Loken, W. Lorenzon, J. Marriner, P. Marshall, R. Massey, Timothy A. McKay, Shawn P. McKee, Ramon Miquel, Nicholas Morgan, E. Mörtsell, Nick Mostek, Stuart Mufson, J. A. Musser, Peter E. Nugent, Hakeem M. Oluseyi, Reynald Pain, Nick P. Palaio, David H. Pankow, John Peoples, Saul Perlmutter, David Rabinowitz, Alexandre Refregier, Jason Rhodes, Natalie A. Roe, D. Rusin, V. Scarpine, Michael S. Schubnell, Michael J. Sholl, Roger M. Smith, George F. Smoot, Jeffrey A. Snyder, Anthony Spadafora, A. Stebbins, Christopher Stoughton, Andrew Szymkowiak, Gregory Tarlé, Keith Taylor, Andrew D. Tomasch, Douglas Tucker, Henrik von der Lippe, D. Vincent, Jean-Pierre Walder, Guobin Wang, W. Wester, "An integral field spectrograph for SNAP", Proc. SPIE 5487, Optical, Infrared, and Millimeter Space Telescopes, (12 October 2004); doi: 10.1117/12.550600; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.550600


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