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28 September 2004 A wide-field telescope for MACHO searching at Dome C
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Wide-Field imaging at visible wavelengths with seeing of the order of 0.1-0.2arcsec is believed to be possible from the high Antarctic plateau site of Dome-C by the removal of ground layer effects only. We present a proposal for a 2m-class telescope specifically designed for the science case of short duration (~10s or greater) microlensing events in the crowded central regions of Galactic Globular Clusters and nearby galaxies where the achievement of a spatial resolution of the order of a fraction of arcsec is essential. The philosophy behind the telescope proposal is discussed in detail. It is emphasized that this is a project with a specific unique science goal in mind and not a large scale facility instrument. A preliminary design for the optics, ground layer removal using a deformable secondary and "static" wavefront sensor and telescope structure is presented. In particular, it is shown that substantial simplification in the design can be achieved by having a specific science goal in mind, so reducing the complexity and increasing reliability. Transport and logistics for the successful deployment and operation of the telescope at the Dome-C site are discussed.
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