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20 January 2005 Forward cascaded stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in an S-band distributed G652 fiber Raman amplifier
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The cascaded forward stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in the S band distributed G652 fiber Raman amplifier forward pumped and backward pumped by the tunable power fiber laser and signal source is a tunable narrow spectral bandwidth(<100MHz)ECL have been studied. Forward SBS does not obey the common theory, that only weaken backward-SBS lines existed, according to conservation of energy and momentum and wave vector selected rule. Because the wave-guide character weaken the wave vector rule. The forward transmit sound wave-guide Brillouin scattering lines are generated and amplified in FRA. Forward SBS that is amplified phenomena of transmit sound wave Brillouin scattering in the FRA, during pump power is larger than the threshold value of SBS in a S band G652 FRA. The 2 orders Stokes forward Brillouin lines are present during forward pump power of FRA is 920mW, the pump power of BP line is 7.7dBm and the FRA gain is 15.05dB, the power of first order Brillouin lines is smaller than the second Brillouin scattering line. When pump power is further increased, cascaded SBS lines and comb profile are observed. The even order SBS lines is stronger than odd order SBS lines, The odd order SBS lines are named Brillouin- Rayleigh scattering lines.
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Zaixuan Zhang, Laixiao Li, Dan Geng, Honglin Liu, Yongxing Jin, Insoo S. Kim, Jianfeng Wang, Xiaobiao Wu, Dawei Fang, and Songlin Zhuang "Forward cascaded stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in an S-band distributed G652 fiber Raman amplifier", Proc. SPIE 5633, Advanced Materials and Devices for Sensing and Imaging II, (20 January 2005);

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