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31 August 2005 Hard x-ray spectra from laser-generated plasmas recorded by the HENEX spectrometer in the 1 keV-40 keV energy range
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Hard x-ray spectra were recorded by the High Energy Electronic X-Ray (HENEX) spectrometer from a variety of targets irradiated by the Omega laser at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics. The HENEX spectrometer utilizes four reflection crystals covering the 1 keV to 20 keV energy range and one quartz(10-11) transmission crystal (Laue geometry) covering the 11 keV to 40 keV range. The time-integrated spectral images were recorded on five CMOS x-ray detectors. Spectra were recorded from gold and other metal targets and from krypton-filled gasbags and hohlraums. In the spectra from the krypton-filled targets, the helium-like K-shell transitions n=1-2, 1-3, and 1-4 appeared in the 13 keV to 17 keV energy range. A number of additional spectral features were observed at energies lower than the helium-like n=1-3 and n=1-4 transitions. Based on computational simulations of the spectra using the FLYCHW/FLYSPEC codes, which included opacity effects, these additional features are identified to be inner-shell transitions from the Li- like through N-like krypton charge states. The comparisons of the calculated and observed spectra indicate that these transitions are characteristic of the plasma conditions immediately after the laser pulse when the krypton density is 2x1018 cm-3 and the electron temperature is in the range 2.8 keV to 3.2 keV. These spectral features represent a new diagnostic for determining the charge state distribution, the density and electron temperature, and the plasma opacity. The intense 13 keV krypton K-shell emission should be useful for backlighters and radiography of dense plasmas. Laboratory experiments indicate that it is feasible to record K-shell spectra from gold and higher Z targets in the > 60 keV energy range using a Ge(220) transmission crystal.
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J. F. Seely, C. A. Back, C. Constantin, R. W. Lee, H.-K. Chung, L. T. Hudson, C. I. Szabo, A. Henins, G. E. Holland, and R. Atkin "Hard x-ray spectra from laser-generated plasmas recorded by the HENEX spectrometer in the 1 keV-40 keV energy range", Proc. SPIE 5918, Laser-Generated, Synchrotron, and Other Laboratory X-Ray and EUV Sources, Optics, and Applications II, 59180M (31 August 2005);


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