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23 September 2005 Micro-mechanical properties of bio-materials
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Investigation of physical-mechanical characteristics of stomatologic materials (ceramics for crowns, silver amalgam, cements and materials on a polymeric basis) properties by the modern methods and correspondence their physical-mechanical properties to the physical-mechanical properties of native teeth is represented. The universal device "Micron-Gamma" is built for this purpose. This device allows investigate the physical-mechanical characteristics of stomatologic materials (an elastic modulus, micro-hardness, destruction energy, resistance to scratching) by the methods of continuous indentation, scanning and pricking. A new effective method as well as its device application for the investigation of surface layers of materials and their physical-mechanical properties by means of the constant indenting of an indenter is realized. This method is based on the automatic registration of loading (P) on the indenter with the simultaneous measurement of its indentation depth (h). The results of investigations are presented on a loading diagram P=f(h) and as a digital imaging on the PC. This diagram allows get not only more diverse characteristics in the real time regime but also gives new information about the stomatologic material properties. Therefore, we can to investigate the wide range of the physical-mechanical properties of stomatologic materials. "Micron-alpha" is digital detection device for light imaging applications. It enables to detect the very low material surface relief heights and restoration of surface micro topography by a sequence data processing of interferential data of partially coherent light also. "Micron-alpha" allows: to build 2D and 3D imaging of a material surface; to estimate the quantitatively characteristics of a material surface; to observe the imaging interferential pictures both in the white and in the monochromatic light; to carry out the investigation of blood cells, microbes and biological macromolecules profiles. The method allows restore 3D topography of a material surface in a real time regime. The information about the material surface at partially coherent light is contained in the visibility of interferential strips. The distinctive features of device are: the non-contact electromagnetic loader; the differential size of depth of indenter introduction into the sample, that has allowed considerably reduce a rigidity of construction; a small weight and dimensions; job in a real time regime; low cost.
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V. Zakiev, A. Markovsky, E. Aznakayev, I. Zakiev, and E. Gursky "Micro-mechanical properties of bio-materials", Proc. SPIE 5959, Medical Imaging, 595916 (23 September 2005);

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