LASER FLORENCE 2004 | 28-30 OCTOBER 2004
Laser Florence 2004: A Window on the Laser Medicine World
28-30 October 2004
Florence, Italy
Proc. SPIE 5968, Phase transition in laser irradiated dye-liposome complexes with implications for photodynamic therapy, 596801 (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Photo diagnosis of early pre-cancer (LSIL) in genital tissue, 596802 (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Photodiagnosis (PD) and photodynamic therapy (PDT) in oncology with particular reference to lung cancer, 596803 (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Photodynamic therapy (PDT) for lung cancer, 596804 (26 October 2005);
Laser Diabetology and Metabolism
Proc. SPIE 5968, Role of L-arginine in the biological effects of blue light, 596805 (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Activation of angiogenesis under influence of red low level laser radiation, 596806 (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, The use of low output laser therapy to accelerate healing of diabetic foot ulcers- a randomized prospective controlled trial, 596807 (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Influence of low level laser radiation on migration of stem cells, 596808 (26 October 2005);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 5968, Diode-side-pumped Nd:YAP triangle, 596809 (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Interaction of Er:YAG laser radiation with ureter tissue, 59680A (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Low level laser therapy in healing tendon, 59680B (26 October 2005);
Phlebology and Vascular Lesions
Proc. SPIE 5968, Morphological changes in rabbit’s veins following laser therapy, 59680C (26 October 2005);
Basic Research
Proc. SPIE 5968, Optical spectroscopy and tooth decay, 59680D (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, A selective laser irradiation technique using a spatial light modulator, 59680E (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Development of brain tumor demarcation technique using two-color laser-induced fluorescence, 59680F (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, New researches on teratogenic effects of singulair using optical methods, 59680G (26 October 2005);
Laser, Light, and Skin
Proc. SPIE 5968, Non-linear microscopy and spectroscopy of skin tissues, 59680H (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Dermoelectroporation, lipofilling and pulsed light: a protocol after 2 years of experience, 59680I (26 October 2005);
Laser Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine
Proc. SPIE 5968, Effects of LLLT on the periarthritis of the shoulder: a clinical study on different treatments with, corticosteroid injections or a wait-and-see policy, 59680J (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Introducing therapeutic lasers in the hospitals and treatment rooms in Romania, 59680K (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Present and future treatment possibilities in macular degeneration, 59680L (26 October 2005);
Proc. SPIE 5968, Elastic scattering spectroscopy findings in formalin–fixed oral squamous cell carcinoma specimens, 59680M (26 October 2005);
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