7 February 2006 Wavelength and pulselength dependence of laser conditioning and bulk damage in doubler-cut KH2PO4
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An experimental technique has been utilized to measure the variation of bulk damage scatter with damaging fluence in plates of KH2PO4 (KDP) crystals. Bulk damage in unconditioned and laser-conditioned doubler-cut KDP crystals has been studied using 527 nm (2ω) light at pulselengths of 0.3 - 10 ns. It is found that there is less scatter due to damage at fixed fluence for longer pulselengths. In particular, there is ~4X increase in fluence for equivalent scatter for damage at 2ω, 10 ns as compared to 0.30 ns in unconditioned KDP. The results for the unconditioned and conditioned KDP show that for all the pulselengths the scatter due to the bulk damage is a strong function of the damaging fluence (θ~5). It is determined that the 2ω fluence pulselength-scaling for equivalent bulk damage scatter in unconditioned KDP varies as τ0.30±0.11 and in 3ω, 3ns ramp-conditioned KDP varies as τ0.27±0.14. The effectiveness of 2ω and 3ω laser conditioning at pulselengths in the range of 0.30-23 ns for damage induced 2ω, 3 ns is analyzed in terms of scatter. For the protocols tested (i.e. peak conditioning irradiance, etc.), the 3ω, 300 ps conditioning to a peak fluence of 3 J/cm2 had the best performance under 2ω, 3 ns testing. The general trend in the performance of the conditioning protocols was shorter wavelength and shorter pulselength appear to produce better conditioning for testing at 2ω, 3 ns.
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J.J. Adams, J.J. Adams, J.R. Bruere, J.R. Bruere, M. Bolourchi, M. Bolourchi, C.W. Carr, C.W. Carr, M.D. Feit, M.D. Feit, R.P. Hackel, R.P. Hackel, D.E. Hahn, D.E. Hahn, J.A. Jarboe, J.A. Jarboe, L.A. Lane, L.A. Lane, R.L. Luthi, R.L. Luthi, J.N. McElroy, J.N. McElroy, A.M. Rubenchik, A.M. Rubenchik, J.R. Stanley, J.R. Stanley, W.D. Sell, W.D. Sell, J.L. Vickers, J.L. Vickers, T.L. Weiland, T.L. Weiland, D.A. Willard, D.A. Willard, "Wavelength and pulselength dependence of laser conditioning and bulk damage in doubler-cut KH2PO4", Proc. SPIE 5991, Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 2005, 59911R (7 February 2006); doi: 10.1117/12.638827; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.638827

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