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17 January 2006 Multispectral imaging determination of pigment concentration profiles in meat
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The possibility of using multispectral techniques to determine the concentration profiles of myoglobin derivatives as a function of the distance to the meat surface during meat oxygenation is demonstrated. Reduced myoglobin (Mb) oxygenated oxymyoglobin (MbO2) and oxidized Metmyoglobin (MMb) concentration profiles are determined with a spatial resolutions better than of 0.01235 mm/pixel. Pigment concentrations are calculated using (K/S) ratios at isobestic points (474, 525, 572 and 610 nm) of the three forms of myoglobin pigments. This technique greatly improves previous methods, based on visual determination of pigment layers by their color, which allowed only estimations of pigment layer position and width. The multispectral technique avoids observer and illumination related bias in the pigment layer determination.
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Carlos Sáenz Gamasa, Begoña Hernández Salueña, Coro Alberdi Odriozola, Santiago Alfonso Ábrego, Miguel Berrogui Arizu, and José Manuel Diñeiro Rubial "Multispectral imaging determination of pigment concentration profiles in meat", Proc. SPIE 6062, Spectral Imaging: Eighth International Symposium on Multispectral Color Science, 606202 (17 January 2006);

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