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25 February 2006 Packaging and characteristics of a microfluorescence spectroscopy analyzer
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The overall objective this work is the development of a miniaturized fluorescence spectroscopy analyzer realized via microfabrication technology. Previously, we reported a MEMS micro grating actuated by a piezoelectric cantilever. For such device to be used in a spectroscopic system, optical characterization of the grating's efficiency and the system's stray light are required. We report here the characterization of the grating cantilever with a MEMS micro lens with the intention of fitting into a packaged micro spectroscopic system. This packaging is accomplished by multi-wafer (silicon) bonding of strategically aligned crystalline planes in order to form the basic geometry of a miniaturized spectroscopy setup. One of these crystalline planes, <111> of silicon, is used as a mirror for folding and compacting the optics at the specific angle of 54.74° (with wafer plane normal). The packaging, microlens, and grating cantilever are position in the designed geometry to accept a self-aligned fiber input from a flash lamp source. The microlens component is presented with beam profilometry of its focusing at a focal length of 7.7 mm. The diffraction is interrogated by a monochromator for quantifying the above said characteristics. The relative efficiency of the grating was 40-70% in the 400-600 nm range. Together these characterized components define the geometry and performance of our micro fluorescence spectroscopy system.
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J. Lo, Q. Fang, W. Pang, T. Papaioannou, Q. Shui, E. S. Kim, M. A. Gundersen, and L. Marcu "Packaging and characteristics of a microfluorescence spectroscopy analyzer", Proc. SPIE 6080, Advanced Biomedical and Clinical Diagnostic Systems IV, 60800H (25 February 2006);

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