3 March 2006 Applications of transparent Al-doped ZnO contact on GaN-based power LED
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In this study, ZnO:Al(AZO) Ni/AZO and NiOx/AZO films were deposited on p-type GaN films followed by thermal annealing to form Ohmic contacts. After thermal annealing, the resistivities reduced from 5×10-3 to 4.4×10-4 Ω-cm, 2.6×10-3Ω-cm, and 1.1×10-3Ω-cm for AZO, Ni/AZO, and NiOx/AZO films, respectively. The Ohmic characteristic could be highly improved after inserting Ni and NiOx between AZO and p-GaN. Both the Ni/AZO and NiOx/AZO contacts exhibit Ohmic characteristic after annealed at 800°C in N2 ambient. The light transmittance of Ni/AZO and NiOx/AZO films were higher than 80% in the range of 380-700nm after the 800°C -annealing treatment. In addition, we fabricated InGaN/GaN MQW LEDs with a dimension of 1×1mm2 using the transparent Ni/AZO and NiOx/AZO Ohmic contact as a current spreading layer for p-GaN in order to increase the light extrication efficiency. For the LED with Ni/AZO contact, the light output approach to saturation when the injection current was about 400mA. But the light output still doesn't approach to saturation when the injection current was 500mA for the LED with NiOx/AZO contact. This may be due to that the resistivity of Ni/AZO was higher than that of NiOx/AZO and exhibit more heavy current clouding effect. The increasing of resistivity may be due to the interdiffusion of Ni into AZO. Comparing to GaN LED with Ni/Au ohmic contact, the light output intensity of LEDs with Ni/AZO and NiOx/AZO contacts was increased by 41% and 60% at 350mA, respectively.
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C. J. Tun, J. K. Sheu, B. J. Pong, M. L. Lee, M. Y. Lee, C. K. Hsieh, C. C. Hu, and G. C. Chi "Applications of transparent Al-doped ZnO contact on GaN-based power LED", Proc. SPIE 6121, Gallium Nitride Materials and Devices, 61210X (3 March 2006); doi: 10.1117/12.647123; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.647123


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