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12 May 2006 Growth of beta-iron disilicide (β-FeSi2) on flexible metal sheet substrates for solar-cell application
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Semiconductor iron-disilicide (β-FeSi2) is expected to be used for thin film solar cells owing to its direct band gap (around 0.85eV) feature and high optical absorption coefficient (α) that is higher than 105cm-1. To fabricate β-FeSi2 solar cells on Si substrates, thick Si substrates are needed, and cost reduction is hard to be accomplished. This paper shows the possibility to use non-Si substrates such as insulating materials or metal sheets for replacing the Si substrates. SOI, fused quartz and CaF2 single-crystal were used as non-metal substrates, and Mo, Ta, W, Fe and stainless steel sheets were used as metal substrates. Growth of β-FeSi2 thin films was carried out with changing substrate temperature by facing-target sputtering (FTS) method. Formation of β-FeSi2 thin film was characterized by XRD and Raman scattering observations. Adhesion force of the films to the substrates was evaluated by pealing test and electrical properties were examined by Seebeck and Hall effects measurements. Results showed that stainless steel and iron sheets become good substrates for the growth of β-FeSi2 thin films. Peeling tests and SEM surface observations of these films stated that the adhesion force of these films to iron sheet and to stainless steel sheet is satisfactorily strong. Results of films deposited on the remaining substrates indicated that formation of β-FeSi2 thin films was not clearly identified, and those films were easily removed from the substrate.
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Yasuhiko Nakayama, Zhengxin Liu, Masato Osamura, Teruhisa Ootsuka, Yasuhiro Fukuzawa, Naotaka Otogawa, Hironori Abe, and Yunosuke Makita "Growth of beta-iron disilicide (β-FeSi2) on flexible metal sheet substrates for solar-cell application", Proc. SPIE 6197, Photonics for Solar Energy Systems, 619718 (12 May 2006);

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