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20 October 2006 EARLINET-ASOS: programs and perspectives for the aerosol study on continental scale
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EARLINET, the European Aerosol Research Lidar Network, is the first aerosol lidar network, established in 2000, with the main goal to provide a comprehensive, quantitative, and statistically significant data base for the aerosol distribution on a continental scale. At present, 23 stations distributed over Europe are part of the network. The EARLINET-ASOS (Advanced Sustainable Observation System) EC Project, starting on the EARLINET infrastructure, will contribute to the improvement of continuing observations and methodological developments that are urgently needed to provide the multi-year continental scale data set necessary to assess the impact of aerosols on the European and global environment and to support future satellite missions. The main objective of EARLINET-ASOS 5-year project, started on 1 March 2006, is to improve the EARLINET infrastructure resulting in a better spatial and temporal coverage of the observations, continuous quality control for the complete observation system, and fast availability of standardized data products. This will be reached by defining and using common standards for instruments, operation procedures, observation schemes, data processing including advanced retrieval algorithms, and dissemination of data. The expected outcome is the most comprehensive data source for the 4-D spatio-temporal distribution of aerosols on a continental scale.
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