20 February 2007 Full-color image-plane holographic video display
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In this paper, we have investigated real time calculation and display optics of full color hologram with full parallax. In our previous study, full color hologram was realized as the rainbow hologram which discards vertical parallax to reduce computation complexity. Since the color of the reconstructed image changes when observer moves to the vertical direction even a little, proper color reproduction can be obtained only from narrow viewing area. And this hologram has horizontal parallax only. In this study, we employ the image hologram for better color reproduction and full parallax reconstruction. When we calculate the image hologram, we use the virtual window to reduce the calculation amount. By using the virtual window, we could achieve 253 times faster the calculation speed compare with Fresnel hologram using the difference method. The full color hologram is displayed on the holographic television (HoloTV), which uses a part of original optics and LCoS panels of the conventional video projector (Cannon POWERPROJECTOR SX50) to separate and combine color components. From experimental results, computational speed of the full-color image hologram is almost same as the full-color rainbow hologram and color reproduction is better than that of the rainbow hologram. We also could achieve to reconstruct good quality animation.
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Takeshi Yamaguchi, Gen Okabe, and Hiroshi Yoshikawa "Full-color image-plane holographic video display", Proc. SPIE 6488, Practical Holography XXI: Materials and Applications, 64880Q (20 February 2007); Logo
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