21 March 2007 Photon sieve array x-ray maskless nanolithography
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We present the lithography scheme that use high-numerical-aperture photon sieves array as focusing elements in a scanning X-ray maskless nanolithography system. The system operating at wavelength of 0.5~2nm synchrotron light sources radiated, each of a large array of photon sieves focuses incident X-ray into a diffraction-limited on-axis nanoscale spot on the substrate coated photoresist. The X-ray intensity of each spot is modulated by means of a spatial light modulator. Patterns of arbitrary geometry are exposed and written in a dot matrix fashion while the substrate on a stepping stage is precisely driven in two dimensions according to the computer program. The characteristics of synchrotron radiation light, resolution limits and depth of focus of the lithographic system are discussed. The design and fabrication of photon sieve are illustrated with a low-numerical-aperture amplitude-photon sieve fabricated on a chrome-coated quarts plate by means of laser-beam lithographic process, which minimum size of pinhole was 5.6um. The focusing performance of the photon sieve operating at wavelength of 632.8nm was simulated and tested.
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Guanxiao Cheng, Tingwen Xing, Wumei Lin, Jinmei Zhou, Chuankai Qiu, Zhijie Liao, Yong Yang, Lei Hong, Jianling Ma, "Photon sieve array x-ray maskless nanolithography", Proc. SPIE 6517, Emerging Lithographic Technologies XI, 651736 (21 March 2007); doi: 10.1117/12.712547; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.712547


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