21 March 2007 Mask manufacturing rules checking (MRC) as a DFM strategy
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Mask Manufacturing Rules Checking (MRC) has been established as an automated process to detect mask pattern data that will cause mask inspection problems. This methodology is unique from the Design Rule Checking (DRC) or Design for Manufacturing (DFM) checks typically performed before sending pattern data to the mask manufacturer in that it examines the entire mask layout and the spatial relationship between multiple patterns in their final orientation, scale, and tone. In contrast, DRC and DFM checks are usually performed on individual pattern files. Also, DRC and DFM checks are not always performed after all pattern transformations are complete, and errors can be introduced that are not caught until the mask is eventually printed on wafers. Therefore, MRC can often be the only comprehensive geometric integrity test performed before the mask is manufactured and the last opportunity to catch critical errors that might have disastrous consequences to yield and consequently to product schedules. In this paper we review the concepts and implementation of MRC in a merchant mask manufacturing enterprise and introduce methods to empower DFM decisions by mask customers based on MRC results.
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Peter Buck, Richard Gladhill, and Joseph Straub "Mask manufacturing rules checking (MRC) as a DFM strategy", Proc. SPIE 6521, Design for Manufacturability through Design-Process Integration, 65211V (21 March 2007); Logo
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