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4 April 2007 Finite element simulations of the bending of the IPMC sheet
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This paper presents a electro-mechanical model of an IPMC sheet. The model is developed using Finite Element method. The physical bending of an IPMC sheet due to the drift of counter-ions (e.g Na+) and water in applied electric field are simulated. Our model establishes a cause-effect relationship between the charge imbalance of the counter-ions and the mechanical bending of the IPMC sheet. The model takes into account the mechanical properties of the Nafion polymer as well as the platinum coating. As the simulations are time dependent, a transient model is used and some additional parameters, such as damping coefficients, are included. In addition to electro-mechanical model, electrochemical reactions are introduced. Equations describing periodic adsorption and desorption of CO and OH on a platinum electrode of an IPMC muscle immersed into formaldehyde solution are coupled to mechanical properties of the proposed model. This permits us to simulate self-oscillatory behavious of an IPMC sheet. The simulation results are compared to experimental data.
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D. Pugal, H. Kasemägi, K. J. Kim, M. Kruusmaa, and A. Aabloo "Finite element simulations of the bending of the IPMC sheet", Proc. SPIE 6524, Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) 2007, 65240B (4 April 2007);

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