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13 June 2007 Dual-band infrared imaging analyses for 256 × 256 InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetector focal plane array
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In this work, the 30 stacked InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetector (QDIP) structure was grown by solid-source molecular beam epitaxy technique and demonstrated with dual-band mid- (2.7~5.6μm) and long- (7.5~13.5μm) wavelength normal-incident detections without grating and passivated process for 256×256 FPA. The 256 ×256 QDIP FPA hybridized with snapshot-mode ROIC was mounted in a 68 pin leadless ceramic chip carrier which was put in the testing dewar with IR optical cold spectral filters of the 2.9~5.5μm and 6.5~14.5 μm for the dual-band IR detections, respectively. The testing scheme for thermal imaging uniformity of the InAs/GaAs QDIP focal plane array (FPA) has been proposed and calibrated using a plane-typed blackbody source of a high temperature of 373±1K and lower ambient temperature for the two-point temperature correction. The averaged of specific detectivity (D*) and operability of the QDIP FPA have reached 1.5×1010cm-Hz1/2/W and 99% at 80K, respectively. The dominant noise equivalent temperature differences (NEDT) of typical figure of merit for QDIP thermal imaging module operated under the temperature of 80K, device biases of -0.7 V and integration time of 32ms with infrared optics and two-point temperature correction (TL =R.T. and TH= 200 °C) are 1.065 K (mid-wavelength IR) and 131mK (long-wavelength IR), respectively. Meanwhile, it is worth to note that these are the first confirmation for dual-band detections of FPA from direct InAs quantum dots matrix embedded in GaAs heterostructure. In the future, the dual-band IR QDIP FPA will become one of the important candidates for hyper-spectral detection and thermal imaging fusion application.
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Shiang-Feng Tang, Cheng-De Lee, Chih-Chang Shih, Cheng Der Chiang, Yau-Tang Gau, San-Te Yang, Tai-Ping Sun, and Fu-Fa Lu "Dual-band infrared imaging analyses for 256 × 256 InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetector focal plane array", Proc. SPIE 6542, Infrared Technology and Applications XXXIII, 65420P (13 June 2007);

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