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8 June 2007 Resistive switching and noise in non-volatile organic memories
Lode K. J. Vandamme, Michael Cölle, Dago M. de Leeuw, Frank Verbakel
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Proceedings Volume 6600, Noise and Fluctuations in Circuits, Devices, and Materials; 66000B (2007)
Event: SPIE Fourth International Symposium on Fluctuations and Noise, 2007, Florence, Italy
We found quantitative criteria to characterize the states of the device: i) pristine devices show at low bias I proportional to Vm with m = 0 pointing to trap filling and at higher bias m=6 pointing to tunneling. The 1/f noise is characterized by 10-7 < &agr;&mgr; (cm2/Vs) < 10-5; ii) forming state is a transition between pristine and switched-state. The time dependent soft breakdown in the Al-oxide goes hand in hand with strong discrete multi level resistive switching (RTS) with a 1/f 3/2 spectrum. Once the device is switched in the high (H-) or low (L-) conductance state it never comes back to the pristine state. iii) The H- or L-state is characterized by I proportional to Vm with either m = 1 or m = 3/2. The injection model predicts the current level and the dependence of the 1/f noise on current. Reliable switched devices show mainly 1/f noise. In the L-state there is often a 1/f 3/2 contribution on top of the 1/f noise indicating multi level switching. Reliable switches between the L- and H-state are characterized by a resistance R that changes for example by a factor 30 and the relative 1/f noise, fSI/I2 ≡ C1/f follows the proportionality: C1/f proportional to R with a &agr;&mgr;-value of about 3x10-2 cm2/Vs. The explanation from the noise for C1/f proportional to R is that the number of carrier in the transport switches due a change of the number of parallel conducting paths in the polymer. The onset of switching seems to be at spots of the Al / Al2O3 / polymer interface.
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Lode K. J. Vandamme, Michael Cölle, Dago M. de Leeuw, and Frank Verbakel "Resistive switching and noise in non-volatile organic memories", Proc. SPIE 6600, Noise and Fluctuations in Circuits, Devices, and Materials, 66000B (8 June 2007);

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