4 January 2008 Characteristics of high-peak pulsed laser induced damage to fibers
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The properties of high peak pulsed laser induced damage to fused-silica fibers are investigated using damage experiments. The laser source is Q-switched Nd:YAG pumped dye laser system, the pulse width is 15.2 ns, and the wavelength is 1064 nm. The experimental results show that all the damaging scenes are fiber entry faces. Damaging patterns can be classified as three types: pit damage, fusion damage and sputtering damage. Pit damage occurs most frequently. Scaffolding defects come into being pits when the laser irradiation is lower. Fusion damage is related to the laser energy, but sputtering damage occurs frequently when the laser energy or power density is very high (>107W/cm2~109W/cm2, ns pulse). The damage photos illustrate that fiber end damage is mainly due to laser ablation and gasification. Impurities of fiber material or contaminant particles adhere to fiber end are stress-raisers, which absorbed enough laser energy, make local temperature rises up quickly, ulterior fusion or gasification, and finally strong tensile stress. When stress goes beyond the tensile strength of fused-silica, damage occurs. The main damage mechanisms appear to be thermal effect and plasma ionization. The origin for the decline of laser induced-damage to fibers threshold appears to be extrinsic defect. The damage criterion and damage threshold test method are presented. The zero probability damage threshold is calculated by linear fitting, that is 58.6J/cm2. The damage process of fiber end faces could be divided into six steps. The origin for the decline of laser induced-damage to fibers threshold appears to be extrinsic defects which are closely related to the end-face quality.
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Xinghai Zhao, Xinghai Zhao, Yang Gao, Yang Gao, Meijian Xu, Meijian Xu, Wentao Duan, Wentao Duan, Haiwu Yu, Haiwu Yu, "Characteristics of high-peak pulsed laser induced damage to fibers", Proc. SPIE 6825, Lasers in Material Processing and Manufacturing III, 682516 (4 January 2008); doi: 10.1117/12.757076; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.757076

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