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11 January 2008 Simulation and modeling on the effects of microalgae irradiated by laser
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Objective to simulate and model the cells proliferation of Platymonas subcordiformis irradiated by laser, so as to obtain the quantitative relationship between laser parameters and the effects of mircoalgae irradiated. Methods : Platymonas subcordiform is irradiated by Nd:YAP(1341 , 10w , 45s--90s);LD(670nm , 800mw , 20min,30min ),Ar+ (532nm,80mw,50Min-65Min) , with 14 dose treatment groups, each 3 samples, and the cells proliferation to be observed in delay phase of mircoalgae growth, as a data source, and according to the characteristics of growth and reproduction of single-cell alga in cultured process, Gaussian growth curves are constructed, to fit the samples growth curve with least squares regression ,and to predict mircoalgae growth trends; on building the linear twin objective programming model and analyzing by stepwise regression , the laser parameters which is larger correlation with the numbers of cells proliferation and the rates are screened from all, and a optimal strategy given by model optimization software (Lingo).Results: By constructing growth curve function, in delay phase, with mircoalgae cells proliferation accelerating , a single peak Gaussian curve is showed; with inhibited growth the cell numbers trend to reduced, and after sub-cultivation the numbers significantly upward, then the growth curves meet double-Gaussian function category. There are goodness of fitting for SSE: 2.383e-005; R-square: 0.9997. It is showed that the parameters of Nd:YAP(1341nm , 10w,45s) is relatively suitable to accelerate cells proliferation. Conclusions: On mathematical model constructed, in delay phase of Platymonas subcordiformis, the quantitative relationship is obtained between laser irradiation parameters and the growing effects to stimulate or to inhibit.
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Tao Lin, Lin Ou, Hui-ru Zhuang, Rong Chen, Xiao-hua Liao, and Wen-suo Lin "Simulation and modeling on the effects of microalgae irradiated by laser", Proc. SPIE 6826, Optics in Health Care and Biomedical Optics III, 682631 (11 January 2008);

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