24 January 2008 Signal processing method of the diameter measurement system based on CCD parallel light projection method
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Parallel light projection method for the diameter measurement is to project the workpiece to be measured on the photosensitive units of CCD, but the original signal output from CCD cannot be directly used for counting or measurement. The weak signal with high-frequency noise should be filtered and amplified firstly. This paper introduces RC low-pass filter and multiple feed-back second-order low-pass filter with infinite gain. Additionally there is always dispersion on the light band and the output signal has a transition between the irradiant area and the shadow, because of the instability of the light source intensity and the imperfection of the light system adjustment. To obtain exactly the shadow size related to the workpiece diameter, binary-value processing is necessary to achieve a square wave. Comparison method and differential method can be adopted for binary-value processing. There are two ways to decide the threshold value when using voltage comparator: the fixed level method and the floated level method. The latter has a high accuracy. Deferential method is to output two spike pulses with opposite pole by the rising edge and the failing edge of the video signal related to the differential circuit firstly, then the rising edge of the signal output from the differential circuit is acquired by half-wave rectifying circuit. After traveling through the zero passing comparator and the maintain- resistance edge trigger, the square wave which indicates the measured size is acquired at last. And then it is used for filling through standard pulses and for counting through the counter. Data acquisition and information processing is accomplished by the computer and the control software. This paper will introduce in detail the design and analysis of the filter circuit, binary-value processing circuit and the interface circuit towards the computer.
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Qing Song, Qing Song, Sijia Zhu, Sijia Zhu, Han Yan, Han Yan, Wenqian Wu, Wenqian Wu, "Signal processing method of the diameter measurement system based on CCD parallel light projection method", Proc. SPIE 6829, Advanced Materials and Devices for Sensing and Imaging III, 68291V (24 January 2008); doi: 10.1117/12.757708; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.757708

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