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4 January 2008 Lateral resolution of digital holographic system
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Based on Fresnel diffraction theory, the point spread function (PSF) of the off-axis lensless Fourier transform digital holographic system with pre-magnification is deduced for the first time to the best of our knowledge. The limited lateral resolutions of the digital holographic systems with and without pre-magnification are analyzed in detail. For lensless Fourier digital holography, the expression of the limit resolution is obtained by use of Rayleigh resolution criterion and the PSF of this system. The obtained resolution is different from others in coefficient. Moreover, we propose new recording conditions with which the higher resolution can be achieved. The experimental results of a USAF test target demonstrate the correctness of the theoretical analysis about the lensless Fourier digital holography. For digital holography with pre-magnification, the limit resolution is also analyzed in detail. The results show that the imaging resolution is associated with the parameters of MO and CCD, the recording condition and the light wavelength. If the imaging resolution of CCD is higher than that of MO, the resolution of the whole system is dependent on the numerical aperture of MO. On the contrary, the resolution is dependent on the imaging resolution of the CCD. It is best to make the imaging resolution of MO approach the resolution limitation and the imaging resolution of CCD equal to or higher than the resolution of MO slightly, which can be implemented by decreasing the distance between the object and MO and decreasing the recording distance properly. The simulation results indicate the correctness of the theoretical analysis.
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Huaying Wang, Hongjun Wei, Yi Wang, Jie Zhao, and Dayong Wang "Lateral resolution of digital holographic system", Proc. SPIE 6832, Holography and Diffractive Optics III, 683213 (4 January 2008);

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