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4 January 2008 Third-order nonlinear optical properties of Co(dmit)2 complexes using Z-scan technique
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Three novel dmit2- complexes: [(CH3)4N][Co(dmit)2], [(C3H7)4N][Co(dmit)2] and [(C4H9)4N][Co(dmit)2], (abbreviated as MeCo, PrCo and BuCo, respectively and dmit2-=4,5-dithiolate-1,3-dithiole-2-thione), were synthesized and the third-order optical nonlinearities of their acetone solution of the same concentration were characterized by Z-scan technique at the wavelength of 1064 nm with laser duration of 40 ps. Their Z-scan curves all revealed a negative nonlinear refraction and a positive absorption at 1064nm.The molecular second hyperpolarizability γ of MeCo, PrCo and BuCo are 5.11×10-31, 4.99×10-31, 5.60×10-31 (esu), respectively. The linear absorption coefficients α and the nonlinear absorption coefficient β of them are 0.3, 0.25, 0.32 (cm-1) and 1.53×10-12, 1.38×10-12, 1.85×10-12 (cm/W), respectively. The experiment results suggested that complexes with stronger linear absorption have larger nonlinear absorption and two-photon absorption. This difference is due to near resonant effect of sample with stronger absorption. So the linear absorption of complexes at 1064nm is a significant factor to influence the nonlinear absorption. These samples' large nonlinear absorption suggests that these materials have potential application in optical limiting.
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Quan Ren, Xi Zhang, Xiang-Bing Sun, Xin-Qiang Wang, Wen-Feng Guo, Hong-Liang Yang, Fu-Jun Zhang, and Dong Xu "Third-order nonlinear optical properties of Co(dmit)2 complexes using Z-scan technique", Proc. SPIE 6839, Nonlinear Optics: Technologies and Applications, 68391A (4 January 2008);

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