SPIE BIOS | 19-24 JANUARY 2008
Molecular Probes for Biomedical Applications II

5 Sessions, 17 Papers, 0 Presentations
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19-24 January 2008
San Jose, California, United States
Front Matter
Proc. SPIE 6867, Front Matter: Volume 6867, 686701 (12 March 2008);
Molecular Imaging and Therapy Strategies
Proc. SPIE 6867, Multi-excitation near infrared (NIR) spectral fluorescence imaging using organic fluorophores, 686703 (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, Sensitive and selective tumor imaging with novel and highly activatable fluorescence strategies, 686704 (22 February 2008);
Optical Molecular Probes and Industry
Proc. SPIE 6867, Development of fluorescent contrast agents for optical imaging of mouse disease models, 686707 (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, Click chemistry for labeling and detection of biomolecules, 686708 (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, A targeted molecular probe for colorectal cancer imaging, 686709 (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, Imaging efficacy of a targeted imaging agent for fluorescence endoscopy, 68670A (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, Fluorescence-enhanced europium complexes for the assessment of renal function, 68670B (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, Plasmon-resonant gold nanorods provide spectroscopic OCT contrast in excised human breast tumors, 68670E (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, Magnetic protein microspheres as dynamic contrast agents for magnetomotive optical coherence tomography, 68670F (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, Hybrid organic/II-VI quantum dots: highly luminescent nanostructures for bioimaging, 68670G (22 February 2008);
Molecular Sensors and Methods
Proc. SPIE 6867, Fluorescent lifetime of near infrared dyes for structural analysis of serum albumin, 68670J (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, Steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence investigation of 2-pyridone and 3-pyridone in solution and their specific binding to human serum albumin, 68670K (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, Real-time observation of DNA repair: 2-aminopurine as a molecular probe, 68670M (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, Highly specific identification of single nucleic polymorphism in M. tuberculosis using smart probes and single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy in combination with blocking oligonucleotides, 68670N (22 February 2008);
Proc. SPIE 6867, Imaging elastic and collagen fibers with sulforhodamine B and second-harmonic generation, 68670O (22 February 2008);
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