21 February 2008 A novel diffractive micro-optical modulator for mobile display applications
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A diffractive optical modulator has been fabricated based on a micromachining process. Novel properties of its fast response time and dynamics were fully understood and demonstrated for the strong potentials in embedded mobile laser display. Bridged thin film piezo-actuators with so called open mirror diffraction structure has been designed. Optical level package also was achieved to successfully prove its display application qualities. Display circuits and driving logic were developed to finally confirm the single-panel laser display at a 240Hz VGA (640×480). With its efficiency of more than 75% and 13cc volume optical engine with the MEMS-based VGA resolution SOM showed 7 lm brightness at a 1.5W electrical power consumption. Detailed design principle, fabrication, packaging and performances of the invented SOM are described.
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Sang Kyeong Yun, Sang Kyeong Yun, JongHyeong Song, JongHyeong Song, SeungDo An, SeungDo An, InJae Yeo, InJae Yeo, YoonJoon Choi, YoonJoon Choi, YeongGyu Lee, YeongGyu Lee, HeungWoo Park, HeungWoo Park, KyuBum Han, KyuBum Han, HaengSeok Yang, HaengSeok Yang, Victor Yurlov, Victor Yurlov, Ihar Shyshkin, Ihar Shyshkin, Anatoliy Lapchuk, Anatoliy Lapchuk, HeeYeoun Kim, HeeYeoun Kim, JaeWook Jang, JaeWook Jang, JeHong Kyoung, JeHong Kyoung, JeongSuong Yang, JeongSuong Yang, SangKee Yoon, SangKee Yoon, ChangSu Park, ChangSu Park, JongPil Cheong, JongPil Cheong, YoungNam Hwang, YoungNam Hwang, KiSuk Woo, KiSuk Woo, SeungWon Ryu, SeungWon Ryu, SeungWoo Lee, SeungWoo Lee, ChongMann Koh, ChongMann Koh, YoungKi Baek, YoungKi Baek, DaeHo Bae, DaeHo Bae, HyunKee Lee, HyunKee Lee, JaeHoon Lee, JaeHoon Lee, YungHo Ryu, YungHo Ryu, HaeYeon Hwang, HaeYeon Hwang, ChungMo Yang, ChungMo Yang, OhkKun Lim, OhkKun Lim, DongHyun Park, DongHyun Park, SeHwan An, SeHwan An, JunHee Bae, JunHee Bae, SungMin Cho, SungMin Cho, BackSoon Go, BackSoon Go, SeokKee Hong, SeokKee Hong, HoPhil Jung, HoPhil Jung, SangJin Kim, SangJin Kim, KiUn Lee, KiUn Lee, JiHyun Park, JiHyun Park, JuHwan Yang, JuHwan Yang, GiYoung Byun, GiYoung Byun, SungHo Byun, SungHo Byun, YoungJin Cho, YoungJin Cho, ChunGi Kim, ChunGi Kim, JooHong Kim, JooHong Kim, SunKi Kim, SunKi Kim, SungIl Lee, SungIl Lee, WhaHyung Lee, WhaHyung Lee, KwanYoung Oh, KwanYoung Oh, SungKyung Oh, SungKyung Oh, WooChul Shin, WooChul Shin, ByungKi Song, ByungKi Song, ElMostafa Bourim, ElMostafa Bourim, "A novel diffractive micro-optical modulator for mobile display applications", Proc. SPIE 6887, MOEMS and Miniaturized Systems VII, 688702 (21 February 2008); doi: 10.1117/12.762568; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.762568

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