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5 February 2008 Monolithically integrated III-Sb based laser diodes grown on miscut Si substrates
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We report the formation and growth characteristics of an interfacial misfit (IMF) array between AlSb and Si and their application to III-Sb based quantum well (QW) light-emitting devices including edge-emitting laser diodes and verticalcavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) monolithically grown on a Si (001) substrate. A III-Sb epi-structure is grown monolithically on the Si substrate via a thin (≅50 nm) AlSb nucleation layer. A 13% lattice mismatch between AlSb and Si is accommodated by using the IMF array. We demonstrate monolithic VCSELs grown on Si(001) substrates operating under room-temperature with optically-pumped conditions. A 3-mm pump spot size results in peak threshold excitation density of Ith= 0.1 mJ/cm2 and a multimode lasing spectrum peak at 1.62 μm. Moreover, broad-area edgeemitters consisting of GaSb/AlGaSb QWs are demonstrated under pulsed conditions at 77K with a threshold current density of ≅2 kA/cm2 and a maximum peak output power of ≅20 mW for a 1mm-long device. A use of 5° miscut Si substrates enables both IMF formation and suppression of an anti-phase domain, resulting in a drastic suppression of dislocation density over the III-Sb epi-layer and realization of electrically-injected laser diodes operating at 77 K. The current-voltage (I-V) characteristics indicate a diode turn-on of 0.7 V, which is consistent with a theoretical built-in potential of the laser diode. This device is characterized by a 9.1 Ω forward resistance and a leakage current density of 0.7 A/cm2 at -5 V and 46.9 A/cm2 at -15 V. This IMF technique will enable the realization of III-Sb based electrically injected VCSELs operating at the fiber-optic communication wavelength monolithically grown on a Si platform.
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J. Tatebayashi, A. Jallipalli, M. N. Kutty, S. H. Huang, N. Nuntawong, G. Balakrishnan, L. R. Dawson, and D. L. Huffaker "Monolithically integrated III-Sb based laser diodes grown on miscut Si substrates", Proc. SPIE 6909, Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers VII, 69090M (5 February 2008);

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