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25 March 2008 Dynamic characterization and single-frequency cancellation performance of SMASH (SMA actuated stabilizing handgrip)
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In urban combat environments where it is common to have unsupported firing positions, wobble significantly decreases shooting accuracy reducing mission effectiveness and soldier survivability. The SMASH (SMA Stabilizing Handgrip) has been developed to cancel wobble using antagonistic SMA actuators which reduce weight and size relative to conventional actuation, but lead to interesting control challenges. This paper presents the specification and design of the SMA actuation system for the SMASH platform along with experimental validation of the actuation and cancellation authority on the benchtop and on an M16 platform. Analytical dynamic weapon models and shooter experiments were conducted to define actuation frequency and amplitude specifications. The SMASH, designed to meet these, was experimentally characterized from the bounding quasi-static case up to the 3 Hz range, successfully generating the ±2 mm amplitude requirement. To effectively cancel wobble it is critical to produce the proper output functional shape which is difficult for SMA due to inherent nonlinearities, hysteresis, etc. Three distinct electrical heating input functions (square, ramp, and preheat) were investigated to shape the actuator output to produce smooth sinusoidal motion. The effect of each of these functions on the cancellation response of the SMASH applied to the M16 platform was experimentally studied across the wobble range (1-3 Hz) demonstrating significant cancellation, between 50-97% depending on the smoothing function and frequency. These results demonstrate the feasibility of a hand-held wobble cancellation device providing an important foundation for future work in overall system optimization and the development of physically based feed-forward signals for closed-loop control.
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Anupam Pathak, Diann Brei, Jonathan Luntz, Chris LaVigna, and Harry Kwatny "Dynamic characterization and single-frequency cancellation performance of SMASH (SMA actuated stabilizing handgrip)", Proc. SPIE 6926, Modeling, Signal Processing, and Control for Smart Structures 2008, 692602 (25 March 2008);

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