15 July 2008 The Spektr-RG x-ray calorimeter
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Spatially resolved X-ray spectroscopy with high spectral resolution allows the study of astrophysical processes in extended sources with unprecedented sensitivity. This includes the measurement of abundances, temperatures, densities, ionisation stages as well as turbulence and velocity structures in these sources. An X-ray calorimeter is planned for the Russian mission Spektr Röntgen-Gamma (SRG), to be launched in 2011. During the first half year (pointed phase) it will study the dynamics and composition of of the hot gas in massive clusters of galaxies and in supernova remnants (SNR). During the survey phase it will produce the first all sky maps of line-rich spectra of the interstellar medium (ISM). Spectral analysis will be feasible for typically every 5° x 5° region on the sky. Considering the very short time-scale for the development of this instrument it consists of a combination of well developed systems. For the optics an extra eROSITA mirror, also part of the Spektr-RG payload, will be used. The detector will be based on spare parts of the detector flown on Suzaku combined with a rebuild of the electronics and the cooler will be based on the design for the Japanese mission NeXT. In this paper we will present the science and give an overview of the instrument.
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