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9 July 2008 Daisy chain expandable readout system for infrared arrays
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We have developed a control system for infrared array detectors with 16, 32 or more outputs. Our system consists of five boards (clock pattern generator, clock driver, A/D converter, parallel-in, and isolation), and is operated with a Linux (kernel 2.4 or 2.6) PC. It is capable of supplying 24 DC bias voltages and 16 clock voltages, adjustable between -7.5V and +7.5V and the shortest clock width of 156 ns. One A/D board converts 16 analog array outputs to digital data simultaneously using 16 A/D converters. The rms of A/D conversions for fixed voltages is 2-3 ADU (or 150-200 μV) at a sampling rate of 250 kSPS. The parallel-in board has 32 optically isolated input channels, and can receive data from 2 A/D boards simultaneously. The maximum data rate to main memory of PC is 40 MB/sec, corresponding to 20 frames/sec of a 1024×1024 array. Our system is now utilized for Aladdin 2 (InSb, 1024×1024, 32 outputs) of Wide Field Cryogenic Telescope 2 and SB-774 (Si:As, 320×240, 16 outputs) of 17μm Fabry-Perot spectrometer. The A/D boards have daisy-chain capability for next generation arrays with more than 32 outputs. In the daisy-chain mode, all A/D converters are triggered simultaneously, but the A/D boards make time-delayed data transfer. The parallel-in board receives data sequentially by every 32 A/D converters. When we apply our system for 2048×2048 detectors with 64 outputs, the frame rate will be 5 frames/sec.
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Takahiro Nagayama and Kentaro Haraguchi "Daisy chain expandable readout system for infrared arrays", Proc. SPIE 7014, Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy II, 70146R (9 July 2008);

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