22 July 2008 The CALET mission on the ISS
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We are developing the CALorimetric Electron Telescope, CALET, mission for the Japanese Experiment Module Exposed Facility, JEM-EF, of the International Space Station. Major scientific objectives are to search for the nearby cosmic ray sources and dark matter by carrying out a precise measurement of the electrons in 1 GeV - 20 TeV and gamma rays in 20 MeV - several 10 TeV. CALET has a unique capability to observe electrons and gamma rays over 1 TeV since the hadron rejection power can be larger than 105 and the energy resolution better than a few % over 100 GeV. The detector consists of an imaging calorimeter with scintillating fibers and tungsten plates and a total absorption calorimeter with BGO scintillators. CALET has also a capability to measure cosmic ray H, He and heavy ionsi up to 1000 TeV. It also will have a function to monitor solar activity and gamma ray transients. The phase A study has started on a schedule of launch in 2013 by H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) for 5 year observation.
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S. Torii, M. Hareyama, N. Hasebe, K. Kasahara, S. Kobayashi, S. Kodaira, H. Murakami, S. Ozawa, S. Udo, N. Yamashita, K. Ebisawa, H. Fuke, J. Nishimura, Y. Saito, M. Takayanagi, H. Tomida, S. Ueno, T. Yamagami, K. Hibino, S. Okuno, T. Tamura, N. Tateyama, T. Kobayashi, T. Kotani, K. Yamaoka, A. Yoshida, Y. Shimizu, M. Takita, T. Yuda, Y. Katayose, M. Shibata, E. Kamioka, A. Kubota, K. Yoshida, M. Ichimura, S. Kuramata, Y. Tunesada, T. Terasawa, H. Kitamura, Y. Uchihori, Y. Komori, K. Mizutani, K. Munakata, A. Shiomi, J. W. Mitchell, A. J. Ericsson, T. Hams, J. F. Krizmanic, A. A. Moissev, M. Sasaki, J. F. Ormes, M. L. Cherry, T. G. Guzik, J. P. Wefel, W. R. Binns, M. H. Israel, H. Krawczynski, P. S. Marrocchesi, M. G. Gagliesi, G. Bigongiari, A. Caldarone, M. Y. Kim, R. Cecchi, P. Maestro, V. Millucci, R. Zei, C. Avanzini, T. Lotadze, A. Messineo, F. Morsani, O. Adirani, L. Bonechi, P. Papini, E. Vannuccini, J. Chan, W. Gan, T. Lu, Y. Ma, H. Wang, G. Chen, "The CALET mission on the ISS", Proc. SPIE 7021, High Energy, Optical, and Infrared Detectors for Astronomy III, 702114 (22 July 2008); doi: 10.1117/12.788524; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.788524


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