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26 August 2008 Demonstration of multilayer titanium photonic crystals with 100-nm feature sizes
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Multilayer titanium photonic crystals are fabricated with the mature integrated circuit (IC) technology, which is similar to the Damascene interconnect process. The photonic crystals that we created have the face-centered-tetragonal lattice symmetry. In each layer, the feature size, height and the spacing of the titanium rods is 100 nm, 200 nm and 300 nm, respectively. To our knowledge, this is at the first time that the three-dimensional titanium photonic crystals are realized successfully with 100-nm line width. The reflectance spectra of three- and four-layer titanium photonic crystals are measured with the Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy and simulated with the three-dimensional finite different time domain method. Through both the experimental observation and the calculation verification, the characterization of the photonic band gap is demonstrated at near-infrared wavelengths and the optical behavior of titanium photonic crystals is discussed for incident light waves of s- and p-polarization. Moreover, the absorption spectra are derived from the reflectance and transmittance spectra due to the law of conservation of energy. It is found that absorption near the photonic band edge is modified and enhanced in a narrow bandwidth because of the well-known recycling-energy mechanism. The large band gap can suppress black body radiation in the mid-infrared range and recycle energy into the near infrared. According to Kirchoff's law, the absorptance of a body equals its emissivity. Thus, the multilayer titanium photonic crystals would be applied as an efficient near-infrared light source with a narrow bandwidth, and produced on a mass scale with the standard IC technology.
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Shich-Chuan Wu, Chuan-Ding Lin, Yu-Lin Yang, Jing-Shian Chen, and Yang-Tung Huang "Demonstration of multilayer titanium photonic crystals with 100-nm feature sizes", Proc. SPIE 7032, Plasmonics: Metallic Nanostructures and Their Optical Properties VI, 70322A (26 August 2008);

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