18 May 2009 Spin coating and plasma process for 2.5D and hybrid 3D micro-resonators on multilayer polymers
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We have designed and realized three integrated photonic families of micro-resonators (MR) on multilayer organic materials. Such so-called 2.5D-MR and 3D-MR structures show off radius values ranging from 40 to 200μm. Both first and second families are especially designed on organic multilayer materials and shaped as ring- and disk-MR organics structures arranged upon (and coupled with) a pair of SU8-organic waveguides. The third family is related to hybrid 3D-MR structures composed of spherical glass-MR coupled to organic waveguides by a Langmuir-Blodgett lipid film about three nanometers in thickness. At first, polymer spin coating, surface plasma treatment and selective UV-lithography processes have been developed to realize 2.5D photonic micro-resonators. Secondly, we have designed and characterized photonic-quadripoles made of 3D-glass-MR arranged upon a pair of SU8 waveguides. Such structures are defined by a 4-ports or 4-waveguides coupled by the spherical glass-MR. We have achieved an evanescent photonic coupling between the 3D-MR and the 4-ports structure. Spectral resonances have been measured for 4-whispering gallery-modes (WGM) into such 3D-structures respectively characterized by a 0.97 nm free spectral range (FSR) and a high quality Q-factor up to 4.104.
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B. Bêche, E. Gaviot, C. Godet, A. Zebda, A. Potel, J. Barbe, L. Camberlein, V. Vié, P. Panizza, G. Loas, C. Hamel, J. Zyss, N. Huby, "Spin coating and plasma process for 2.5D and hybrid 3D micro-resonators on multilayer polymers", Proc. SPIE 7356, Optical Sensors 2009, 735606 (18 May 2009); doi: 10.1117/12.820339; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.820339

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