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6 May 2009 A comparative review of silver halide photopolymerizable system and sol-gel holographic materials
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Present and future of holography depends on the development of high quality holographic recording media. In this sense, the improvement of most of the applications associated with holography can be attributed to the optimization of the recording step in material. In this work we review holographic recording media as silver halide, photopolymers and sol-gel in which it has been demonstrated the possibility for achieving holographic storage and holographic optical elements. Photographic emulsions have high popularity in holographic recording, due to the high exposure sensitivity, the high resolving power and wide range of spectral sensitivity. In this work, recent advances in BB-640 Colorholographic photographic emulsion will be presented in transmission and reflection holographic gratings. Moreover photopolymers have been demonstrated as a high potential material in holographic optical storage. These materials do not need postprocessing, therefore they can be analyzed in real time. Furthermore, photopolymers have advantage such as the possibilities to be fabricated with high high thicknesses and with a wide spectral sensitivity range from the red to the blue region. As a result, high diffraction efficiency with excellent sensitivity can be obtained with the right choice of the monomers. Here we will present recent results with PVA-acrylamide composition. One of the drawbacks of the photopolymers is its thermomechanical stability, for this reason, sol-gel materials, a mixture of organic-inorganic material, have been recently developed. In this review we will present the experimental results in transmission and reflection holograms.
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A. Fimia, P. Acebal, S. Blaya, L. Carretero, A. Murciano, and R. F. Madrigal "A comparative review of silver halide photopolymerizable system and sol-gel holographic materials", Proc. SPIE 7358, Holography: Advances and Modern Trends, 735802 (6 May 2009);

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