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30 April 2009 Material analysis with EUV/XUV radiation using a broadband laser plasma source and optics system
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Triggered by the roadmap of the semiconductor industry, tremendous progress has been achieved in the development of Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) sources and high-quality EUV optical coatings in recent years, opening up also new fields of applications apart from microlithography, such as metrology, high-resolution microscopy, or surface analysis. The Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen has developed a laser-driven plasma source for generation of soft X-rays in the spectral range 2...20 nm. A Nd:YAG laser (1064 nm, 800 mJ, 6 ns) is focused into a gas-target leading to the formation of a plasma which in turn emits characteristic soft X-ray radiation. Hereby the main focus lies on wavelengths around 13.5 nm ("EUV" - future optical lithography) and the so called water window (2.2 nm...4.4 nm - "XUV") region. Depending on the employed target gas, narrow-band (e.g. O2 for EUV, N2 for XUV) as well as broad-band (e.g. Xe for EUV, Ar, Kr for XUV) spectra can be obtained. For focusing a flexible Kirkpatrick-Baez optics was developed, providing broad-band light steering due to grazing-incidence reflection. The carbon-coated mirrors of this device are formed by bent silicon wafer slices allowing continuous tuning to the desired curvatures. As an application of such a setup, results on near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy (NEXAFS) at the carbon K-edge will be presented. The investigated systems range from synthetic polymers (PMMA, PI) over organic substances (humic acids) to biological matter (lipids), delivering unique spectra for each compound. Thus NEXAFS spectroscopy using a table-top XUV source could be established as a highly surface sensitive fingerprint method for chemical analysis.
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A. Bayer, F. Barkusky, J.-O. Dette, S. Döring, B. Flöter, C. Peth, and K. Mann "Material analysis with EUV/XUV radiation using a broadband laser plasma source and optics system", Proc. SPIE 7360, EUV and X-Ray Optics: Synergy between Laboratory and Space, 736004 (30 April 2009);

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