21 August 2009 Normal force and drag force in magnetorheological finishing
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The material removal in magnetorheological finishing (MRF) is known to be controlled by shear stress, λ, which equals drag force, Fd, divided by spot area, As. However, it is unclear how the normal force, Fn, affects the material removal in MRF and how the measured ratio of drag force to normal force Fd/Fn, equivalent to coefficient of friction, is related to material removal. This work studies, for the first time for MRF, the normal force and the measured ratio Fd/Fn as a function of material mechanical properties. Experimental data were obtained by taking spots on a variety of materials including optical glasses and hard ceramics with a spot-taking machine (STM). Drag force and normal force were measured with a dual load cell. Drag force decreases linearly with increasing material hardness. In contrast, normal force increases with hardness for glasses, saturating at high hardness values for ceramics. Volumetric removal rate decreases with normal force across all materials. The measured ratio Fd/Fn shows a strong negative linear correlation with material hardness. Hard materials exhibit a low "coefficient of friction". The volumetric removal rate increases with the measured ratio Fd/Fn which is also correlated with shear stress, indicating that the measured ratio Fd/Fn is a useful measure of material removal in MRF.
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Chunlin Miao, Shai N. Shafrir, John C. Lambropoulos, Stephen D. Jacobs, "Normal force and drag force in magnetorheological finishing", Proc. SPIE 7426, Optical Manufacturing and Testing VIII, 74260C (21 August 2009); doi: 10.1117/12.826415; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.826415

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