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4 September 2009 Steerlets: a novel approach to rigid-motion covariant multiscale transforms
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We present steerlets, a new class of wavelets which allow us to define wavelet transforms that are covariant with respect to rigid motions in d dimensions. The construction of steerlets is derived from an Isotropic Multiresolution Analysis, a variant of a Multiresolution Analysis whose core subspace is closed under translations by integers and under all rotations. Steerlets admit a wide variety of design characteristics ranging from isotropy, that is the full insensitivity to orientations, to directional and orientational selectivity for local oscillations and singularities. The associated 2D or 3D-steerlet transforms are fast MRA-type of transforms suitable for processing of discrete data. The subband decompositions obtained with 2D or 3D-steerlets behave covariantly under the action of the respective rotation group on an image, so that each rotated steerlet is the linear combination of other steerlets in the same subband.
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Robert Azencott, Bernhard G. Bodmann, and Manos Papadakis "Steerlets: a novel approach to rigid-motion covariant multiscale transforms", Proc. SPIE 7446, Wavelets XIII, 74460A (4 September 2009);


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