Remote Sensing System Engineering II
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2-6 August 2009
San Diego, California, United States
Front Matter
Proc. SPIE 7458, Front Matter: Volume 7458, 745801 (4 September 2009);
Future Space-based Remote Sensing Systems
Proc. SPIE 7458, Next generation Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite: GOES-R, the United States' advanced weather sentinel, 745802 (12 August 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7458, SeaWiFS-2: an ocean color data continuity mission to address climate change, 745804 (12 August 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7458, A novel digital image sensor with row wise gain compensation for Hyper Spectral Imager (HySI) application, 745805 (12 August 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7458, Development of the Compact InfraRed Camera (CIRC) for wildfire detection, 745806 (12 August 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7458, Satellite-instrument system engineering best practices and lessons, 745807 (12 August 2009);
Future Processing and Decision Support Architectures
Proc. SPIE 7458, Fusion of airborne radar and FLIR sensors for runway incursion detection, 74580A (12 August 2009);
Remote Sensing of Fire: Science and Applications
Proc. SPIE 7458, Production of proxy datasets in support of GOES-R algorithm development, 74580C (12 August 2009);
Advanced Technology
Proc. SPIE 7458, The Hyperspectral Airborne Tactical Instrument (HATI): a low-cost compact airborne hyperspectral imager, 74580D (12 August 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7458, First space qualified digital image sensor enters moon orbit, 74580E (12 August 2009);
Modeling and Simulation Methods
Proc. SPIE 7458, EVEREST: an end-to-end simulation for assessing the performance of weather data products produced by environmental satellite systems, 74580G (12 August 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7458, The use of the general image quality equation in the design and evaluation of imaging systems, 74580H (12 August 2009);
Proc. SPIE 7458, Macroscopical scatter and reflection behavior of convex bodies in free flight, 74580K (12 August 2009);
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 7458, The theory of fiber grating array OFDR-FS, 74580L (12 August 2009);
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