25 September 2009 A MATLAB/Simulink methodology for simulating dynamic imaging IR missile scenarios for use in countermeasure development and evaluation
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The paper describes a methodology for characterizing the signatures of targets for Imaging Infrared (IIR) missiles and generating dynamic missile engagement scenarios using MathWorks tools (primarily MATLAB and Simulink). The over-all objective of this work was to develop high fidelity physics-based simulations of the attack of IIR missiles on targets that are using various types of countermeasures for survivability. While the methodology has been implemented in products used for analyses of both ship and main battle tank protection this paper focuses on the ship application. The methodology involves a multi-step process. First the infrared signatures of the objects are characterized using a graphical tool that enables the user to select individual or groups of surfaces on the objects (targets and countermeasures) and specify their surface temperatures and spectral emissivities. Second, a dynamic IR scene generator creates the scene as viewed by the missile's seeker. Then an imaging IR seeker, using the option of several tracking algorithms, discriminates the target. Finally, the inclusion of dynamic models for missile guidance, aerodynamics and propulsion together with signal propagation enable the closing of the loop in the missile's fly-out. The simulation dynamically computes the distance between each surface and the missile seeker and uses the specified atmospheric attenuation profile to produce a simulated IR image at the seeker. This is processed using several optional tracking algorithms to generate steering signals. This process is repeated every time-step of the simulation and determines the trajectory of the missile and the hit or miss of the missile at engagement completion. The paper includes the following topics: characterizing IR signatures, generating dynamic IR scenes, simulating representative close-loop missile fly-out engagements, evaluating performance and running simulation batches.
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J. P. Tremblay, J. P. Tremblay, C. R. Viau, C. R. Viau, } "A MATLAB/Simulink methodology for simulating dynamic imaging IR missile scenarios for use in countermeasure development and evaluation", Proc. SPIE 7483, Technologies for Optical Countermeasures VI, 74830K (25 September 2009); doi: 10.1117/12.829975; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.829975

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