3 March 2010 Cr:ZnSe laser pumped with Tm:YAP microchip laser
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Cr:ZnSe laser coherently longitudinally pumped with Tm:YAP microchip laser was realised. The pumping laser consisted of Tm:YAP crystal (3x3 mm) with resonator mirrors deposited directly on its faces (on rear face the dielectric layer with high reflectance for 1998 nm wavelength and high transmittance for 790 nm pumping radiation wavelength; on output face the dielectric layer with reflectance 97% at 1998 nm wavelength). The maximal output power was 5.5 W and the generated radiation wavelength was 1998 nm. The main advantage of this pumping was stable and still output without relaxation spikes (non-spiking). The Tm:YAP laser radiation was collimated and focused by the set of two CaF2 lenses. The pumping beam spot diameter inside the Cr:ZnSe crystal was 300 μm. The Cr:ZnSe laser resonator consisted of flat rear mirror (HT at 1998 nm and HR at 2100 - 2900 nm) and curved output coupler (r = -150 mm, R = 95% at 2100 - 2700 nm). The maximal output energy of stable radiation was 4 mJ (pulse duration 10 ms, repetition rate 10 Hz). For wavelength tuning the Lyott filter (quartz plate under Brewster angle) was placed between the Cr:ZnSe crystal and output coupler. The generated radiation wavelength was continuously tunable from 2246 - 2650 nm.
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Petr Koranda, Petr Koranda, Jan Sulc, Jan Sulc, Maxim Doroshenko, Maxim Doroshenko, Helena Jelinková, Helena Jelinková, Tasoltan T. Basiev, Tasoltan T. Basiev, Vjatcheslav Osiko, Vjatcheslav Osiko, V. V. Badikov, V. V. Badikov, D. Badikov, D. Badikov, "Cr:ZnSe laser pumped with Tm:YAP microchip laser", Proc. SPIE 7578, Solid State Lasers XIX: Technology and Devices, 757826 (3 March 2010); doi: 10.1117/12.839680; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.839680


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